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If you like your website to attract more number of visitors and thus increase your business, you’ll surely find Surinder’s expertise of great help. This guy really understands how to exploit search engines for marketing of your products and services.
Hin Lai
Helps businesses and clients to enhance their reputation and online visibility
If you are looking for an expert to enhance traffic to the website of your company, and thus generate more revenue for you, I’ll sincerely recommend Surinder Grammer of Ahitan SEO. You’ll be glad of having made this choice.
Hans Storrie
SEO expert and web designer at SEO Northamptonshire
It’s always a pleasure to work with Surinder Ahitan. He is awfully on the ball about Google and increasing traffic to your site.
Bob Saadai
CEO at R&S; Marketing
There is little doubt that Surinder is an expert when it comes to generating revenue online. He possesses a knack of incorporating the most difficult words in your website, allowing you to enhance your revenue. I’ll surely recommend him.
Dan Sheehan
Owner, Jigsaw Concepts Pty Ltd
Surinder is exceptionally brilliant at his work. The results I got for my project were way beyond my expectations. I’ll surely work with Surinder again.
Alison Miller
Owner & Makeup Artist
Robert Pene is the Director of Digital Education and Communication at Starzzeri Mancini If you are looking for an expert in diverting internet traffic to your site and bring it on the first page of Google, you’ll find it difficult to get someone of the caliber of Surinder Ahitan ! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him and hope doing more business due his effort.
Rob Pene
Director of Digital Education and Communication at Starzzeri Mancini
Surinder Ahitan knows the ins and outs his job. Here’s a guy you’ll find easy to work with. My website appearing on the first page of Google is a demonstration of his talent and efforts he puts in for his clients.
Armando Saenz
Founder at Saenz Digital
I find Surinder among the best marketing professionals that I have come across. What makes him a truly SEO expert is his ability to locate an opportunity under any situation. This professional has a thorough understanding of SEO techniques and expertly exploits those for the benefit of clients’ business. I value his talents and highly recommend him for his understanding of the subject and experience.
Matthew Lee
Creator of the local Business Profit Formula


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